Software and Computer Law

Whether managing a corner convenience store or the research center of a Fortune 500 company, computers and software directly impact the quality of a business. The software technology necessary to ensure a smooth running business requires license agreements beyond typical materials and acquisitions agreements. At McAfee & Taft, our attorneys have the experience to recognize the pitfalls commonly found in software licenses.

Our attorneys use a systematic approach to software licensing. Negotiating a software license requires the attorney and business person to “begin with the end in mind.” Based on this premise, our attorneys seek to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ business needs and goals prior to drafting or negotiating a license. During the drafting and negotiating process, the attorney and business person will work together in order to craft an agreement which may last for 5 to 10 years or even longer. Accordingly, our attorneys understand the impact of each provision of the software license on the current business while considering anticipated future business needs.

For our clients that license software, our attorneys are equally experienced in protecting and helping to exploit our clients’ rights in their proprietary software. We can craft licensing agreements which will maximize revenue, protect intellectual property and help ensure a long-term relationship with licensees.

We believe the practice of preventive law provides significant cost savings to our clients. Unlicensed software in the business environment may result not only in embarrassing headlines, but also significant legal expenses. Our attorneys can help businesses avoid such problems by developing computer usage policies and auditing practices tailored to the needs of each client. Computer usage policies help inform employees of the proper use of their employer’s computers and can be expanded to include email and Internet usage limits. Computer audits provide a tool for ensuring the presence of only licensed software on the company’s computers. The audits also enhance protection of the company’s trade secrets.

As technology advances, McAfee & Taft attorneys are there to help our clients protect their interests and maximize their profits.