• Spoofing Scam
  • Service Dog Barred
  • Pregnant Workers
  • Non-compete Ban?
  • New Shareholders
Man looking at his phone with scam text written on it
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USPTO warns of new spoofing scam targeting trademark owners

Woman reviewing paperwork and working on her laptop
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Understanding changes to duration for aircraft registries

Corgi puppy on a leash from a woman
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Upon re-evaluation, service dog barred from workplace

Student loan paperwork
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401(k) matching for student loan payments finally arrives

Robot arm is choosing a person out of many on a touchscreen
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States and cities limit AI use in employment decisions

Private jet aircraft at airport
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FAA chaos and foreboding on Friday the 13th

Close up of the side of a private corporate jet showing the engine and a few windows
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Slow times at the aircraft registry

Pregnant worker giving a presentation
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New law to offer additional employment protections to pregnant workers, applicants