At The Podium

10 Questions on the Administration of Welfare Plans

Date: March 4, 2016

Event: SouthWest Benefits Association 2016 Plan Administrator Skills Workshop

Venue: Skirvin Hilton Hotel

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

John A. Papahronis
John A. Papahronis

Sponsored by the SouthWest Benefits Association, the region’s premier organization for employee benefit professionals, the 2016 Plan Administrator Skills Workshop is specifically designed to assist the administrators of employer-sponsored health and welfare, retirement, and executive compensation plans in handling the day-to-day details of the ever-changing world of employee benefits.

At the event held in Oklahoma City on March 4, 2016, McAfee & Taft employee benefits attorney John Papahronis addresses 10 often-overlooked, but timely, issues regarding the administration of health and welfare plans. These include:

  • What is the status of on-site clinics?
  • What are the discrimination testing requirements for welfare and 125 plans?
  • What is a discriminatory medical plan and what are the tax impacts?
  • What does FMLA require with respect to welfare plan eligibility and coverage?
  • Can a welfare plan exclude same-sex spouses?
  • What is a "wrap plan" and do I need one?
  • What is a "change in family status" and what happens if I fail to comply with the rules?
  • Do I need an ERISA committee for a welfare plan?