2022 Firm Announcement

With a simple handshake, two WWII veterans — one an enterprising and outgoing attorney and the other a distinguished tax lawyer, both accountants — partnered to establish the law firm of McAfee & Taft. In the succeeding 70 years, this two-partner firm would grow to become Oklahoma’s largest law firm, with a rich tradition of innovative, aggressive, and precedent-setting legal representation.

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we will be sharing some of the memories from those early years, including the people who laid the foundation for who we are today. Dozens of interviews with past and present attorneys, staff and relatives of the firm’s founders, along with hundreds of historical photos, documents and artifacts, recount the rich history of the firm, its people, and its enduring legacy 70 years in the making.

As we continue our firm founders’ legacy, McAfee & Taft is pleased to announce the recent election of seven new shareholders, and the addition to our depth of talent with 12 attorneys joining the firm this past year.