2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Episode 2 — Leave it? Lock it!

Have you ever walked away from your desk and left your computer unlocked? You may have thought it was safe to do so because you know everyone you work with. You may even work within a secure area.

Even if either of those scenarios are true, not locking your computer is exposing every document, contact, and software application on your computer — or worse, access to your company’s financial information and/or your company’s entire information technology network!

What if someone posed as a utility worker and gained access to the area where you work? It may only take minutes or even seconds for a criminal to download information from, or upload something to an unlocked computer. They may even be able to remove information from your company’s network and hold it for ransom.

The moral of this story, is locking your computer is an action each of us can take to ensure the safety of our company’s information and systems.