A Legacy of Service: Veterans Tribute 2022

On this Veterans Day, we remember and honor those who have embodied the values of duty, honor, and sacrifice while serving our country. And this year, the 70th anniversary of the founding of McAfee & Taft, we celebrate, honor, and thank our own veterans, both past and present, with this very special video tribute.  

McAfee & Taft attorneys and staff who have served in our armed forces and featured in the tribute video: Dominique Armstrong, legal secretary; Terry Barrett, retired attorney; Brian Beatty, attorney; Reford Bond (1930-1989); Robert Clougherty, attorney; Bob Dace, attorney; Brad Donnell, attorney; Ted Elam, retired attorney; Terri Factor, paralegal clerk; Gary Fuller, retired attorney; Bob Gilliland (1941-2021); Lloyd Hardin, attorney; John Hermes, retired attorney; Frank Hill, attorney; Larry Huffman, retired attorney; Dudley Hyde, retired attorney; Eugene Kuntz (1913-1994); Bob Luttrell, attorney; Stewart Mark (1915-1993); Kenneth McAfee (1903-1986); Michael McClintock, attorney; John Mee, retired attorney; Dee Replogle, attorney; Mischelle Reynolds, paralegal; Reid Robison (1944-2021); Bill Rodgers, retired attorney; Patricia Rogers, attorney; Donna Ross, legal secretary; “The Colonel” Joseph Rucks (1913-1988); Jack Sargent (1943-2018); John Schaefer, attorney; Phil Sears, retired attorney; Jim Sharrock, retired attorney; David Stinson, retired attorney; Richard Taft (1913-1999); Annette Torre, legal secretary; Pete Van Dyke, retired attorney; and Pete Woodruff (1925-1997).