‘A Part of Our Lives’: McAfee & Taft’s Rich History with First National

Click the play button on the video player above to watch and listen to this week’s special episode, the latest installment of our year-long weekly celebration of the firm’s 70th anniversary.

In 1957, the growing young law firm McAfee & Taft moved its offices from its first home in Ramsey Tower (now City Place) to the iconic First National Bank Building just across the street. Its new home at 2020 First National Building was the former executive offices of Kerr-McGee Oil Industries.

Kenneth McAfee moved into the large beautiful office previously occupied by Oklahoma businessman-politician Robert S. Kerr. Richard Taft took over the equally ornate office that belonged to renowned petroleum geologist and philanthropist Dean A. McGee. The rest of the office space was “certainly not luxurious,” according to one young associate.

This was also the place where McAfee & Taft real estate lawyer Frank D. Hill first joined the firm. So, First National has always been a special place to him. The building and its memorable places within — the Beacon Club, the concourse with its retail shops, and a well-frequented bar — became “part of our lives,” he remembers.

From the very early days of our firm, First National has held a special place in our hearts and our firm’s history.

In this feature, Frank talks about his memories of the building and what makes its recent renovation and revitalization so remarkable.

Producer/Director/Editor: Brad Neese
Producer/Writer: Robin Croninger
Executive Producer: Michael Lauderdale
Production Assistance: Cody Smith, Caleb Taulbee and Vanessa Spaeth

Special Contributor: Frank Hill

Photos and footage courtesy: Oklahoma Historical Society, Gary Brooks, Evergreene Architectural Arts, 111 Media (drone/aerial), and McAfee & Taft production team and archives.