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With more and more U.S. companies entering the global marketplace, the demand for expertise in dealing with foreign businesses, governments, customs and legal systems continues to accelerate. As the only Oklahoma member of TerraLex®, an exclusive network of more than 140 independent law firms in nearly 100 countries, McAfee & Taft has the international connections and resources necessary to protect clients’ interests around the world. Membership is by invitation only and requires a careful review process.


Employers Counsel Network (ECN)

Comprised of top-level law firms in all 50 states — plus Washington D.C. and Canada — the Employers Counsel Network (ECN) advises and represents employers regarding workplace issues and disputes. McAfee & Taft was selected as the exclusive member firm representing Oklahoma in the ECN because of its outstanding reputation in the field of employment law. Member firms provide legal assistance and representation to employers on a wide variety of issues, including FMLA, ADA, discrimination, harassment, workers' comp, wage and hour, hiring, firing, layoffs, WARN Act, umemployment benefits, discipline, documentation, investigations, noncompete agreements, arbitration, HR audits, policies and procedures, OSHA, ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, labor relations and more.


L2B Aviation

McAfee & Taft is one of only three law firms in the United States to be selected for membership in L2B Aviation, an international association of law firms that specializes in providing legal advice to the aviation industry, especially in matters pertaining to aircraft financing and leasing. McAfee & Taft has one of nation’s largest and most experienced FAA aviation groups and is widely regarded for its expertise in handling even the most complex aircraft transactions.