All-star Cristo Rey students join Team McAfee & Taft

September 19, 2019

McAfee & Taft was the big winner at this year’s highly anticipated Cristo Rey Oklahoma City Catholic High School’s Draft Day, adding all-star picks Laly Martinez and Ahilyn Marquez to its team.

The annual program allows metro-area employers to “draft” Cristo Rey students to work at their workplaces one day a week during the school year.  In return, the school receives a stipend that pays the bulk of their tuition at the private college preparatory school.

Laly, a sophomore, was selected to work in the firm’s Records Management department, while Ahilyn, a freshman, will provide administrative support in the Oklahoma City office’s Office Services department.

Cristo Rey OKC follows a unique, nationally successful work-study model, enabling each student to earn a large portion of their educational costs by working in entry-level positions in Oklahoma City organizations,” said Judy Cross, director of human resources and recruiting.  “Through the work-study program, the students gain invaluable experience in professional work environments that help them discover their talents and passion and shape their future opportunities.  Our participation in this program provides our staff with additional office assistance while allowing us all to partake in developing Oklahoma City’s future talent.”

“I have to give us an A+ for our draft selections this year,” said Cross.  “As expected, there was a lot of talent in this year’s draft, and we’re very pleased with our all-star selections.”