An appetite for deduction: Mary Quinn Cooper, born trial lawyer

published in Oklahoma Super Lawyers & Rising Stars 2008 | October 1, 2008

“Spend five minutes with Mary Quinn Cooper and you will thank your lucky stars that you’re merely chatting from the other side of a conference room table rather than locking horns in a courtroom. Five minutes is all you need to pick up on the chutzpah that she radiates, the sheer grit and determination.”

So begins a feature story on Mary Quinn Cooper in the 2008 edition of Oklahoma Super Lawyers and Rising Stars. In it, she talks about her career as a trial lawyer and what she learned early on from her mentor, Bert Jones, whom she calls a pioneer in product liability law.

“For a trial lawyer, intuition is incredibly important,” said Cooper. “There’s always a ton of preparation, but they have to be willing and able to make instant changes. Lots of lawyers make a meticulous plan and stick with it no matter how the trial develops. Even if they get thrown off their game plan, it’s vitally important that they still keep going. A good trial lawyer needs to be able to react to those surprises and not get derailed. Above all, he wants to have what he says resonate with the jury.”