Archbishop Sues Satanists for Return of Consecrated Host

An Oklahoma-based Satanist group with plans to hold a black mass at an Oklahoma City-owned public theatre in September continues to make headlines.  When the leader of the group recently announced his specific intentions of using the event to corrupt and then sacrifice a consecrated host – an unleavened wafer of bread Catholics believe has, through a process called transubstantiation, become the actual body and blood of Christ – the archbishop of Oklahoma City sued.

In a Courthouse News Service article titled “Archbishop Sues Satanists for Return of Consecrated Host,” the petition filed on behalf of the Most Rev. Paul S. Coakley was quoted, noting that the group’s possession of a consecrated host means it only could have been procured from the Catholic Church by “theft, fraud, wrongful taking.”  The archbishop is suing the group and its leader for the safe return of the host.

McAfee & Taft trial lawyer Christopher Scaperlanda, who is named in the article, serves as Oklahoma counsel for the Archbishop.

You can read the article here.