McAfee & Taft’s associates are an outstanding group of individuals who have achieved a high level of success in all of their endeavors. They are intelligent, hard working, creative and motivated lawyers who service the firm’s clients at very high levels. The firm is very proud of our associates because they are an integral part of our success.

Associates are encouraged to ask for and accept a great deal of responsibility early in their careers. Not only do associates develop faster as lawyers, but they are happier and more personally fulfilled when they experience success early on. Our associate program is designed to create these opportunities for success from the very start. It is not unusual for McAfee & Taft’s associates to find themselves matched up with very experienced lawyers on the other side of a case or transaction, and the results they achieve are truly outstanding.

Associates are supervised by the firm’s Associate Committee. While a new associate may be primarily interested in practicing in one of the firm’s practice areas, they are encouraged to accept projects in other areas because to do so makes them more well-rounded lawyers and will help them in the future. This system allows associates to meet and get to know the firm’s lawyers and their work.

After two years, associates are assigned to a primary practice group of their choosing. Each of the firm’s practice groups has mentoring programs designed to enhance our associates’ professional and personal development. Only by properly mentoring associates can we retain a low attrition rate and maintain the firm’s culture.


Please submit your résumé and law school transcript to:

Sean Hunt (OKC inquiries)
McAfee & Taft
8th Floor, Two Leadership Square
211 N. Robinson
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
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Craig Buchan (Tulsa inquiries)
McAfee & Taft
Suite 1100, Williams Center Tower II
Two W. Second Street
Tulsa, OK 74103
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Eighth Floor
Two Leadership Square
211 N. Robinson
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-7103
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Williams Center Tower II
Two W Second Street, Suite 1100
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205 Park Central East
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