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Battling Sexual Harassment Claims in the Court of Legal Opinion and Court of Public Opinion

EmployerLINC18: Workplace Issues in the News
Natalie Ramsey
Natalie Ramsey
Paul Ross
Paul Ross

From the #MeToo movement and federal tax reform to dramatic shifts in policy under the Trump administration, many of the trending topics that make national news eventually find their way into the local workplace.

In their presentation at EmployerLINC18: Workplace Issues In The News, labor and employment attorneys Natalie Ramsey and Paul Ross are joined by Karen Wicker, a veteran public relations professional and president of Candor, to explore the very real challenges associated with responding to sexual harassment claims in two important but very different arenas – the court of legal opinion and court of public opinion.

Topics include:

  • Enhanced risks for employers brought about by the “Weinstein Effect”
  • Why sexual harassment claims shouldn’t be ignored just because they are time-barred
  • Should all allegations, however old or vague, be investigated?
  • How should an employer respond if an allegation goes public?
  • Is a wait-and-see approach ever appropriate from a PR perspective?
  • Balancing the need for a thorough investigation v. the public’s desire for a quick response
  • The importance of coordinating your legal and public relations responses
March 27, 2018
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Oklahoma City, OK