Best Lawyers in America ® 2010

Seventy-two attorneys were selected by their peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® 2010. First-time honorees were Timothy J. Bomhoff (Commercial Litigation and Labor and Employment Law), Steven P. Cole (Tax Law), Robert W. Dace (Commercial Litigation), Bradley K. Donnell (Construction Law), Drew D. Webb (Commercial Litigation), and Jennifer Wheeler (Corporate Law). Attorneys re-selected to this prestigious list were: Terry R. Barrett (Natural Resources Law and Oil & Gas Law), T. Michael Blake (Corporate Law and Tax Law), Rachel Blue (Intellectual Property Law), Joseph H. Bocock (Commercial Litigation), Steven W. Bugg (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law), Jennifer H. Callahan (Non-Profit/Charities Law), W. Chris Coleman (Corporate Law), Richard D. Craig (Tax Law and Trusts and Estates), C. Bruce Crum (Banking Law and Corporate Law), Stanley L. Cunningham (Oil & Gas Law), Reuben Davis (Commercial Litigation and Product Liability Litigation), Jacque Brawner Dean(Workers’ Compensation Law), Clifford C. Dougherty, III (Intellectual Property Law), Theodore M. Elam (Corporate Law), S. Gregory Frogge (Health Care Law), Sam R. Fulkerson (Labor and Employment Law), Gary F. Fuller (Corporate Law and Tax Law), Robert L. Garbrecht (Corporate Law), E. Harrison Gilbert, III (Intellectual Property Law), Robert H. Gilliland, Jr. (Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation and Energy Law), Charles Greenough (Banking Law and Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law), Philip D. Hart (Energy Law, Natural Resources Law, Oil & Gas Law), John N. Hermes (Bet-the-Company Litigation and Commercial Litigation), Frank D. Hill (Corporate Law and Real Estate Law), Gerald L. Hilsher (Natural Environmental Law), Richard P. Hix (Commercial Litigation), Henry D. Hoss (Construction Law), James Dudley Hyde (Employee Benefits Law), Michael E. Joseph (Corporate Law, Franchise Law, Health Care Law, Non-Profit/Charities Law and Project Finance Law), John A. Kenney (Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation and Intellectual Property Law), David J. Ketelsleger (Corporate Governance and Compliance Law, Corporate Law and Securities Law), Michael J. LaBrie (Intellectual Property Law), Michael F. Lauderdale (Health Care Law and Labor and Employment Law), Robert T. Luttrell, III (Banking Law and Corporate Law), Scott D. McCreary (Equipment Finance Law), D. Keith McFall (Corporate Law), John McHenry Mee (Corporate Law), M. Richard Mullins (Health Care Law), Kathy R. Neal (Labor and Employment Law), Richard D. Nix (Corporate Law and Employee Benefits Law), J. Michael Nordin (Health Care Law and Real Estate Law), John A. Papahronis (Employee Benefits Law), Ross Plourde (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law), Charles S. Plumb (Labor and Employment Law), Frank L. Polk (Corporate Law and Equipment Finance Law), Louis J. Price (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights Law), James C. Prince (Employee Benefits Law and Health Care Law), Tony G. Puckett (Labor and Employment Law), Anthony L. Rahhal (Intellectual Property Law), Dee A. Replogle, Jr. (Tax Law), Richard A. Riggs (Real Estate Law), Reid E. Robison (Antitrust Law, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation and Legal Malpractice Law), Patricia A. Rogers (Health Care Law), John E. Sargent, Jr (Real Estate Law), John N. Schaefer (Trusts and Estates), Susan B. Shields (Trusts and Estates), Barry L. Smith (Health Care Law), C. David Stinson (Natural Resources Law and Oil & Gas Law), N. Martin Stringer (Corporate Law and Mergers & Acquisitions Law), Mary Ellen Ternes (Environmental Law), Elizabeth D. Tyrrell (Franchise Law, Health Care Law and Non-Profit/Charities Law), Peter T. Van Dyke (Labor and Employment Law), Erin M. Van Laanen (Equipment Finance Law), Jerry A. Warren (Corporate Governance and Compliance Law and Securities Law), Nathan L. Whatley (Labor and Employment Law) and Elizabeth Scott Wood (Labor and Employment Law).” style=”display:none” type=”hidden”>