Katie Whitaker


(405) 228-7664
Oklahoma City

As a paralegal for the firm’s worldwide aircraft financing, title and registration practice, Katie Whitaker is part of a team dedicated to ensuring that client interests in aircraft, engines and helicopters are registered and in compliance with the Cape Town Convention on Mobile Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Aircraft Protocol.  Her responsibilities include assisting clients with establishing and maintaining accounts on the International Registry, reviewing documents for compliance with the Cape Town Treaty, organizing closings and establishing closing rooms, requesting and consenting to professional user authority, registering all forms of interest on the International Registry, and obtaining priority search certificates.   

Katie also assists attorneys with matters relating to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), including performing and reviewing UCC searches as well as preparing financing statements and making the necessary filings, continuations and terminations in the appropriate jurisdictions in the United States.  She also conducts Know Your Customer (KYC) checks in order to verify the client’s identity and ensure the client’s compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws.

Katie brings 10 years of hands-on experience in the records management and storage industry to her current position, having previously worked for a privately owned business records storage company and in the records management departments for two large law firms.  Her prior work experience also includes working as a senior tech for a veterinary emergency hospital, where her responsibilities included both animal care and recordkeeping and administrative duties.

Katie is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.