Linda Steinke


(405) 552-2357
Oklahoma City

Linda Steinke has more than 27 years of experience working on complex and sophisticated aircraft transactions. She joined McAfee & Taft in 1993 along with a partner who was hired to expand the firm’s aviation practice. Since that time she has served as senior paralegal for McAfee & Taft’s worldwide aircraft financing, title and registration practice, working directly with the firm’s aviation attorneys to ensure client interests in aircraft and engines are protected and in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration regulations and procedures and the Cape Town Convention.

Her responsibilities include examining FAA records for outstanding title and lien issues, reviewing instrument drafts, corresponding with involved parties to resolve issues and assisting with closing transactions by preparing aircraft instruments for filing and recordation with the FAA. She has decades of experience in working with fractional aircraft companies and resolving fractional aircraft ownership, registration and lien issues.

Linda has had a well-rounded and interesting background with varied working experiences, including as clerk stenographer for the State of New Jersey, secretary to a private investigator, baker in a local deli/bakery (where she is credited with inventing the “chocolate sugar cookie”), and as owner/operator of an antique furniture refinishing business.

In 1988, she began working at an aircraft title company co-owned by one of her customers, then as a legal secretary at an Oklahoma City firm with a large aircraft practice, and finally as a paralegal with a small law firm before finding her way to McAfee & Taft.

Since joining McAfee & Taft in 1993, she has become known to the aviation group as well as hundreds of clients as the “go-to” paralegal for complex registration structures, challenging issues, and knowledge of the FAA’s internal rules and guidelines.

Outside of the office, Linda likes traveling cross-country by car, camping, bicycling and photographing nature. At home, she stays busy gardening and using her photographs to create children’s books.