Sunni Jackson

FAA Paralegal

(405) 435-8455
Oklahoma City

As a paralegal for McAfee & Taft’s global aircraft title, registration and financing practice, Sunni Jackson works on-site at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, where she is responsible for ordering FAA files, examining and expediting records, and preparing executed original documents for filing. Her career experience also includes preparing aircraft and engine records for attorney review, reviewing and compiling FAA records for outstanding title and lien issues, preparing aircraft closing instruments, and verifying the posting of recorded instruments by the FAA to the proper aircraft, engine and helicopter records.

Sunni began her career in the aviation industry as a document title examiner, clerk and expeditor for an aircraft title and escrow company and its affiliate in the FAA Registry’s Public Documents Room. She later went on to work as a document examiner and expeditor for several Oklahoma-based aircraft title search and escrow companies before joining McAfee & Taft.

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