Business look ahead: Area business officials talk goals for 2017

McAfee & Taft attorney Tracy Poole was one of seven businesspeople interviewed for a special feature that appeared in the New Year’s Day 2017 edition of The Tulsa World. As a business attorney and former corporate executive in the energy industry, Poole was asked about his outlook on both the legal and energy sectors.

“Everyone at McAfee & Taft expects 2017 to be a very busy year,” said Poole. “It remains to be seen just how a new presidential administration will affect each of our practice groups. In some areas, we look forward to an increase of business due to potential easing of regulatory burdens in some spaces, yet in other areas we could be negatively affected for the same reasons. By and large, it seems as though our commercial clients are going to be off to a robust start. We’re excited about that. In the energy space in particular, we are seeing capital begin to be deployed again in a serious manner and capital flows are always the best leading indicator of potential development activity.”

In addition to seeing increases in activity in the traditional oil and gas sector of the energy industry, Poole reported seeing increases in the renewable energy sector as well, largely attributable to improved consumer demand, cost, and advances in technology.