Call-bombarded users ask, is secure?

published in The Oklahoman | November 23, 2013

A number of consumers who have recently logged on to the federal government’s new healthcare exchange website,, have reported being subsequently bombarded with calls from telemarketers wanting to sell them insurance products, many of which aren’t even compliant with the Affordable Care Act. The rash of complaints prompted The Oklahoman to look into the issue of whether consumer information provided to the website was actually secure, or whether these calls were made by scammers looking to acquire additional personal information or sell products not listed on the exchange.

While a spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services insisted all information on the site is secure and that they do not sell, rent or share consumer application information to outside entities beyond the sharing allowed for marketplace-related purposes, The Oklahoman interviewed McAfee & Taft employee benefits attorney Jim Prince for his take on the issue. Said Prince, “I think that the follow-up question is ‘Do they restrict the use of information that they provide for marketplace-related purposes, i.e. if an insurer gets contact information as a result of participating in the marketplace, does the government prohibit them from using it once the user logs off?’”