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Common retaliation claims and how to avoid them

EmployerLINC 2014: In Compliance, Out of Court
Natalie K. Ramsey Natalie K. Ramsey
Joshua W. Solberg Joshua W. Solberg

Trouble comes in all shapes and sizes. Any employer who’s ever been targeted for an agency investigation or audit, threatened with fines or penalties, or hit with a lawsuit will agree that an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. The steps you take to stay in compliance now can most assuredly help you stay out of serious trouble later.

McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorneys Natalie Ramsey and Josh Solberg present “Common retaliation claims and how to avoid them” at the EmployerLINC 2014 seminar in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their insightful presentation on retaliation covers how common retaliation claims are, how they arise and why they are more difficult to defend. Natalie and Josh also address how employers should anticipate and respond to retaliation claims and what to do when it is necessary to take action.


April 17, 2014
Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma