Community Service: Tulsa Day Center

On September 26th, McAfee & Taft attorneys and staff took part in the second annual Global Day of Service, a worldwide initiative spearheaded by Ford Motor Company’s Legal Alliance for Women (LAW), a coordinated global effort assisted service organizations in their respective communities.

In Tulsa, the firm supported The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless by volunteering at the facility, contributing financially, donating toiletry items, and assembling  individual toiletry packages for Day Center clients. In this feature video, we learn more about the mission of this organization and the real-world impact it has on the lives it touches.

Co Edwards, volunteer coordinator at the Tulsa Day Center: “Tulsa Day Center is here to provide shelter, to provide case management services, to provide whatever somebody might need when they are finding themselves homeless. And so we offer both a clothing room where we have stuff that they can come in and get. And showers, showers and restrooms. But one of the biggest things that we do here is our case management. And our case managers are working one-on-one with our clients, and in a very kind way, they’re first gonna say, ‘What are you doing here?’ But more importantly, ‘How can we get you out? How can we get you out of here?’ Because we know, we know as individuals and as a community, we’re all healthier when we have a place to live. And what’s been wonderful is over the past several years, that philosophy has flipped upside down. It used to be, you get sober, and you get a job, and then your reward is you get a place to live. Now they’ve realized that, no you need that base camp, you need that stability, in order to grow and to function and to learn.”

Kristy, client at Tulsa Day Center: “I moved here from Phoenix, and I became homeless rather quickly. It offered me shelter, I never had been homeless before. And it feeds me, it feeds me good. We have a lot of really good churches that come in here and we get fed every night, we have an awesome clothing room, and they offer a lot of services. I’ve got case manager here, she’s one of the best. And they’re working on my housing as we speak, getting on the application tomorrow, as a matter of fact. So looking forward to getting some housing, and just real happy that I have somewhere every night, especially out of this rain. The volunteers are special, we have a lot that come in every week at the different spots in here, and we just really, really loved the volunteers.”

Betty, client at Tulsa Day Center: “The center means a lot to me, I’ve never been homeless before. So it’s really helping me out a lot, with medical too and I just think it’s awesome. I came from Oklahoma City, so it really means a lot to have a place like this. I know we have them in the city, but I never had to use it, so it’s my first time. So it’s been a long rocky road, but I’ll get there.”

Jessie, past client and current volunteer at Tulsa Day Center: “I first came here in 2014, I broke my neck and my back. And they helped me get on my feet to get out and be on my own again. So they helped me with housing, they help me with furniture. I can come in here and talk to them anytime I want. I actually volunteered down here for a couple months before the next surgery that kind of put me down. But to me, they’ve actually been more help than you could possibly think of. And if you try, they’re here for you and you’ll succeed.”

Click here to learn more about the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless and how you can help.