At The Podium

Confidentiality of Information and Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege

Date: December 3, 2015

Event: 2015 Corporate Counsel Seminar

Venue: Oklahoma History Center

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Michael K. Avery
Michael K. Avery
Ronald T. Shinn Jr.
Ronald T. Shinn Jr.

While speaking at McAfee & Taft’s 2015 Corporate Counsel Seminar in Oklahoma City, OK, trial lawyers Michael Avery and Ron Shinn review a host of federal court rulings nationwide and provide practice pointers and suggestions for protecting the confidentiality of information and preserving attorney-client privilege in business transactions and internal investigations

Topics include:

  • A review of Rule 1.6 of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Who owns the attorney-client privilege in business transactions?
  • Why transferring assets with attorney-client privilege materials on them may be a waiver
  • Effective strategies for managing internal investigations, including how to protect privilege
  • Ordinary “fact” work product v. opinion work product
  • Maintaining thorough privilege logs