Considerations When Registering an Aircraft in the United States

During an L2b Aviation livestream event, McAfee & Taft aviation attorney Maria Gonzalez and fellow attorney Andrea Villa with Harper Meyer LLP (Miami, Fla) discussed timely insights into the intricacies of registering aircraft in the United States and recent regulatory changes.

Gonzalez unraveled recent FAA updates and how these affect the aircraft registration process now that the Aeronautical Center — Central Region Counsel (ACC) office is no longer issuing legal opinions. She gave special emphasis to registering finance leases in the name of the lessees and how this has influenced the overall process.

Villa discussed the newly enacted Corporate Transparency Act and how it affects individuals registering aircraft in the name of a corporation.

Both summarized what people need to know about import and export issues, and shared some real-world examples of issues clients have experienced in this area.