Correspondence deadline nears on new FDA menu labeling rule

Q&A with Sasha Beling

published in The Oklahoman | October 23, 2015

In an effort to better equip consumers with the information they need to make healthful dietary choices, the Food and Drug Administration will require many food establishments to provide clear and accurate nutritional information about their menu items by December 1, 2016. Intellectual property attorney Sasha Beling was interviewed by The Oklahoman about the new rule, what types of food establishment are required to comply, and what dietary information must be disclosed.

“The rule covers restaurants and retail food establishments — including grocery stores, convenience stores, take-out or delivery establishments, and food service facilities located within entertainment venues — that sell ‘restaurant-type food’ and are part of a chain of 20 or more locations doing business under the same name,” said Beling.  “Covered food establishments must post calorie information on their menus, menu boards or displays for standard menu items. Additional written nutritional information containing certain information must be available to customers upon request.”

The FDA has established a deadline of November 2, 2015, for interested parties to submit comments or questions about the rule, said Beling.  Final guidance will be issued following the close of the comment and review period.