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Crop Insurance Claims and Defenses

Texas Bar CLE - 9th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course

Jeff Todd, co-leader of McAfee & Taft’s Ag & Equine Industry Group, speaks on “Crop Insurance Claims and Defenses” at the 9th Annual John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course in Lubbock, TX, on May 28, 2015. Presented by the Texas Bar, this is the state’s premier live CLE event on agricultural law and features speakers from the legal and academic communities, as well as from state and federal government.

Todd has successfully represented agricultural producers throughout the United States in arbitrations and mediations to resolve disputes with authorized insurance providers, in National Appeals Division Administrative Appeals to resolve disputes over adverse Risk Management Agency determinations, and in Federal Court Judicial Reviews to resolve disputes regarding good farming practice determinations, appeals of NAD decisions or arbitration awards, and actions to enforce NAD decisions. In his presentation, he discusses the various types of claims frequently brought by agricultural producers, the forums available to resolve crop insurance disputes, deadlines for making a claim or appealing an adverse decision, and defenses for prevailing and recovering monies owed under crop insurance policies.

May 28, 2015
Lubbock, Texas

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