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Cybersecurity: Ransomware attacks in the Healthcare Sector

Date: May 10, 2017

Event: What’s Hot in Healthcare 2017 Webinar

Location: Online

Patricia Rogers
Patricia Rogers

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to keep up with a myriad of regulatory compliance and operational issues. And to no one’s surprise, technology continues to have a major impact on the industry, both positive and negative. While some advances in technology have led to increased efficiency, productivity and patient access to services, other technology — think cyber attacks and ransomware — pose serious challenges and risks.

In her presentation titled “Cybersecurity: Ransomware attacks in the Healthcare Sector,” healthcare attorney Patricia Rogers discusses why ransomware attacks are on the rise, the implications of such events (including HIPAA considerations), and what healthcare entities can do to minimize their vulnerabilities. She also offers practical advice for responding to a cybersecurity attack, including the procedures for conducting a forensic investigation and a HIPAA breach investigations and for preventing future attacks.