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Downsizing Done Right: A Case Study

Every week across the nation, newspapers are filled with headlines announcing company layoffs and plant closings, the unfortunate consequence of a declining economy.

Whether your company is planning a workplace reorganization or reduction in force (RIF), or you just want to be prepared in the event one becomes necessary, this webcast is for you.

Our expert panel of professionals walk you through the dos and don’ts of downsizing, helping you proactively address the multi-faceted legal, HR, internal and external communications, and media relations issues involved. And to best illustrate the need for advanced planning and a coordinated team approach, we explore a case study of how one company successfully implemented a series of layoffs, including a plant closing, while maintaining good relations with its workforce and the community throughout the process.

    Charlie Plumb
    , McAfee & Taft

    Featured Panelists
    Karen Wicker, Schnake Turnbo Frank|PR
    Cheryl French, Gabbard & Company

You can download a PDF of the Powerpoint presentation here.

March 25, 2009