Drew Neville joins McAfee & Taft law firm

published in The Journal Record | February 14, 2019

For an article for The Journal Record, reporter Molly Fleming sat down with McAfee & Taft managing director Michael Lauderdale and trial lawyer Drew Neville to talk about Neville’s distinguished career, why he recently transitioned his practice to McAfee & Taft, and what his presence means for the firm. The veteran litigator, whose early years as an attorney included serving as an adviser to Senator Henry Bellmon and as a federal prosecutor in the Western District of Oklahoma, has spent more than 40 years trying high-stakes, high-profile cases in courtrooms across the country.

“We have a very established litigation practice,” said Lauderdale. “But people like Drew don’t come around very often. When you have a Drew Neville in the running for big cases in the region, it allows us to make our pitch for those cases even stronger.”

In addition to trying cases, Neville will be spending a portion of his time sharing his extensive knowledge of trial preparation and advocacy skills with the younger lawyers at McAfee & Taft.

“Our goal is to not be lawyers, but partners in a case,” said Lauderdale. “That’s what Drew does.”