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Employer Fiduciary Duties Related to Retirement Plan Administration

EmployerLINC17: Back to Basics
John Papahronis
John Papahronis

By exercising discretionary authority and control over an employee benefit plan’s administration or assets, fiduciaries play a vital role in the overall operation of the plan. But with all that authority come significant responsibilities and risks.

Speaking at McAfee & Taft’s EmployerLINC17 seminar in Oklahoma City in a presentation titled “Employer Fiduciary Duties Related to Retirement Plan Administration,” employee benefits attorney John Papahronis helps employers identify who their plan fiduciaries are, reviews the essential duties of fiduciaries, and provides practical advice for reducing their risks of violating ERISA law and being subject to civil penalties or private lawsuits.

March 22, 2017
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma