EmployerLINC 2012 — Tulsa Employment and Employee Benefits Seminar

It’s a jungle out there, and no one knows that better than the HR and benefits professionals who take on the dangers, thrills and challenges of the workplace every day. Whether it’s a maze of state and federal rules and regulations to navigate, common traps and lesser-known pitfalls to avoid, or obstacles to overcome, you need a guide to help you on your quest. Join us for EmployerLINC 2012, McAfee & Taft’s annual employment and employee benefits seminar, for practical solutions to everyday adventures in the workplace.

This year’s opening session will feature a panel of human resources professionals from across Oklahoma in a presentation titled "The Quest for HR Gold: Words of wisdom from your fellow HR pros." Following the general session, six 45-minute breakout sessions will cover some of the hottest topics you’ve asked us to cover:

  • Ticking Time-bombs — How to diffuse bullying in the workplace
    It’s been called the “sexual harassment of 20 years ago,” where “everyone knows about it, but nobody wants to admit it,” and the problem has been on the rise for more than a decade. In this session, we’ll take a look at what constitutes bullying in the workplace, what legislative efforts have been proposed to address the problem, how alleged victims are using the court system, and what employers should be doing now to curb bullying in their own workplaces.
    Presenters: Paul Ross
  • Hidden Treasure — Uncovering the latest "little known" strategies for BIG potential cost savings in your health plan
    Despite the fact that healthcare costs continue to rise, there are smart ways for your company-sponsored plan to actually SAVE money. In this session, we’ll let you in on some of the lesser-known secrets of the trade and how you can put these strategies to work for you. We’ll also address one of the most frequently asked questions of every plan sponsor that’s looking to cut costs — the legal ramifications of dealing with smokers in health plans.
    Presenters: Bill Freudenrich, Teah Corley – PremierSource
  • Operation Sanity! — Dealing with the traps and pitfalls of employee terminations
    Terminations are never easy, but how do you deal with an angry employee who feels he’s been unfairly discharged and is intent on filing a lawsuit? During this breakout, we’ll show that the best way to “win” a lawsuit is to avoid it in the first place. We’ll cover the do’s, don’ts and best practices for implementing terminations and how basic management and interpersonal skills go a long way toward diffusing the anger of a discharged employee.
    Presenters: Sam Fulkerson
  • Proceed with Caution — How retirement plan fiduciaries can minimize their exposure to personal and corporate liability
    The fiduciary responsibilities placed on retirement plan sponsors has reached an all-time high, and so are the penalties for non-compliance. In this session, we will focus on what procedures and documentation processes are required to minimize both personal and corporate liability. We will also review some actual lawsuits brought against plan fiduciaries for alleged negligence and noncompliance and examine what went wrong … and what should have been done differently.
    Presenters: Jim Prince, Alison Patel
  • Dodging Bullets — Tips for handling FLSA audits and avoiding other wage and hour surprises
    If you think your wage and hour practices are being scrutinized, you’re not alone. The Department of Labor has stepped up its investigation and enforcement efforts, and their targets are widespread. In this session, we’ll review the DOL’s new initiatives, let you know what to expect during a wage and hour audit, and identify what specific issues are being targeted by the DOL so that you can stay in compliance and avoid unnecessary surprises such as financial penalties and possible litigation.
    Presenters: Kathy Neal
  • Avoiding the ADA Abyss — How to interactively accommodate, deal with employee drug use, and know when to use fit-for-duty evaluations
    The Americans with Disabilities Act remains one of the most complex and wide-ranging set of laws for employers to get their arms around. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on how to deal with employees with potential disabilities, more issues pop up just around the corner. In this session, we’ll look around that corner and focus on three challenging aspects of the ADA that frequently threaten to trip up employers.
    Presenters: Charlie Plumb, Sharolyn Whiting-Ralston

There is no cost to attend the seminar, but reservations are required. Seating is limited, so register today. Registration for the Tulsa seminar is closed.

This program has been approved for 3.0 (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at www.hrci.org.

The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.