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EmployerLINC Webcast: When the Feds Come Knocking

Legal Information, News and Commentary for Employers Webcast

With the recent inauguration of a newly elected U.S. House of Representatives and a shift in the composition of the U.S. Senate, many people expected that a more employer-friendly envrironment would immediately fall into place. But the reality is that federal agencies are gearing up for even more aggressive regulatory enforcement. Armed with increased budgets and more investigators, agencies such as the EEOC, Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have ramped up – and are amped up – to issue radical new rules which tilt the playing field against employers.

During this free one-hour EmployerLINC webcast, we’ll look at what employers can expect in 2011 … and what steps they need to take when the Feds come knocking regarding:

  • Wage & Hour Investigations
  • EEOC/Discrimination Claims
  • Immigration
  • Union Organizing

Labor and employment attorneys Charlie Plumb and Paul Ross will lead the discussion and answer questions on how to best avoid or survive these types of investigations.

January 25, 2011, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM