At The Podium

Employment Law Outlook for 2012 and Beyond

Date: October 6, 2011, 08:30 – 09:30

Event: Advanced Employment Issues Symposium

Venue: Hutton Hotel

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

2011 has been a year of sweeping new regulations, landmark court rulings, and ramped up enforcement. From new ADA regs to the Wage and Hour Division’s collaboration with the American Bar Association to establish a sue-your-employer system called the “Bridge to Justice”, employers have had plenty to deal with. The U.S. Supreme Court, meanwhile, issued several significant decisions, including two in favor of employees that dealt with retaliation.

Other issues include an uptick in class actions and health care reform, which continues to spew out rules and timetables despite numerous legal challenges. Federal agencies also have taken new tacks on the immigration and employee misclassification fronts. In this session, you’ll learn

  • Employment law developments of 2011 and how they are affecting your HR practices
  • How key decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court affect you
  • How to comply with regulations issued in 2011, including the ADA regs
  • The latest on health care reform and its implementation
  • What you’ll need to start thinking about for 2012




Charles S. Plumb