Federal Anti-Kickback Statute (for managers)

In this presentation for JurisIQ Learning Center, healthcare attorney Greg Frogge provides an overview and training on the federal anti-kickback statute, which is designed to protect patients and federal healthcare programs from fraud and abuse by prohibiting the use of money to influence patient referrals and healthcare decisions. Topics include:
• What does the statute prohibit?
• The ‘Intent’ prerequisite and ‘One Purpose’ rule
• Enforcement and penalties
• Statute’s scope and exceptions
• ‘Safe Harbors’
• OIG compliance guidance
• OIG Advisory Opinions
• Provider Self-Disclosure Protocol

This presentation requires a subscription to the Healthcare Law Compliance training module of JurisIQ, a service of McAfee & Taft providing unlimited online, on-demand access to timely compliance training videos targeting all levels of a workforce — basic training for the general workforce, expanded training for managers and supervisors, and detailed education and training for HR professionals, executives, and business owners.