Fines add up for technical errors on businesses’ I‑9 forms

While the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is well known for conducting worksite inspections of Forms I-9 and imposing heavy fines on businesses that employ undocumented workers, lesser known is the fact that the federal agency also has the authority to levy fines on employers for certain substantive and uncorrected technical violations as well.

Labor and employment attorney Charlie Plumb was interviewed by The Oklahoman about such technical errors and fines, which can amount to as much as $1,100 per violation.

“A technical violation can take many forms, but the four most common violations occur when an employer doesn’t retain documents for the required period of time, improperly stores documents, accepts expired documents, and incorrectly alters documents,” he said.

Plumb went on to explain how mistakes on Form I-9s should be corrected so as to avoid a technical violation and provided practical advice for employers wanting to conduct an internal review of their I-9 documentation.