Firm, Grant Thornton Launch Business Etiquette Series Led by Hoover Protocol & Etiquette

December 6, 2006

Two of Oklahoma City’s premier professional service firms, international accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP and Oklahoma City law firm McAfee & Taft, have joined forces to provide young professionals with business etiquette and development skills training.  The first training session, for entry-level to four-year professionals, was held on Dec. 6 at Leadership Square.

At the training, Ann Hoover, president of The Hoover Protocol & Etiquette Centre engaged the young accountants and lawyers in a fun, interactive training session for social skills and protocol.  A member of the International Association of Protocol Consultants, Hoover has extensive international expertise in etiquette and holds a Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant Degree from The Protocol School of Washington®, the nation’s leader in training international business executives, the nation’s top diplomats and military leaders.

“The value placed on etiquette is universal,” said Hoover. “In order to be successful in business, an employee should view good manners as a necessary business tool, similar to writing or math ability, and must work to perfect those skills.  A person’s social expertise tells employers how he or she will represent their company to potential clients, making workshops such as this increasingly important in today’s business world.”

Following Hoover’s presentation, Gail Huneryager, marketing manager for Grant Thornton’s Oklahoma practice, led a networking training. The concept for the educational series was conceived by Huneryager, who recognized a unique opportunity for both firms.

“After visiting with several of McAfee & Taft attorneys, I learned they had similar training needs as those in the accounting field. Both of our firms also place great emphasis on professional and personal development. Generally, this comes in the form of technical training,” said Huneryager.

“By partnering to host this series, Grant Thornton and McAfee & Taft are actively supporting our young people by offering this training opportunity,” said Chris Coleman, a McAfee & Taft shareholder.  “It also gives them a venue to begin developing their contacts with referring firms.  Bringing in Ann Hoover to address corporate etiquette skills rounds out our discussion.”

The joint training series is intended to continue over the next several months as the two firms develop the material and content for additional sessions including those to meet the needs of more experienced staff.