Ford LAW Global Day of Service 2019

McAfee & Taft again joins Ford in worldwide effort to support community-based organizations

Joining volunteers around the world, McAfee & Taft attorneys and staff took part in the second annual Global Day of Service, a worldwide initiative spearheaded by Ford Motor Company’s Legal Alliance for Women (LAW), the company’s professional organization focused of women in the legal practice. The coordinated global effort assisted organizations that support the empowerment and well-being of women and girls in their respective communities. McAfee & Taft was among more than 90 law firms around the world that partnered with LAW to volunteer their time on September 26th.

In Tulsa, the firm supported The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless by volunteering at the facility, contributing financially, donating toiletry items, and assembling  individual toiletry packages for Day Center clients.

In Oklahoma City, the firm supported The Homeless Alliance through a collection drive for financial donations, toiletry items and new socks, the number one most requested item by the homeless.

“McAfee is so excited to be able to work with Ford Motor Company again to be able to help our community in this way and really connect,” said Valerie Dixon, McAfee & Taft trial lawyer and liaison for the firm’s participation in this event. “It’s important to recognize that right now people need a lot of help and McAfee partners with their clients whenever possible to get involved in our community and give back whenever we can.”

Co Edwards, volunteer coordinator at the Tulsa Day Center, explains what efforts like these mean to service organizations.

“Could you imagine sitting here all day feeling like you’re, I mean, you’re at the bottom of your barrel? That when you see people coming in who are choosing to be here, who help remind you that they matter, that you matter, that means a lot to them,” Edwards said. “So you see groups walking through, most of the time you will see my clients with big smiles on their faces and very often they will applaud because they’re grateful, they appreciate the help, absolutely. A wonderful statistic that was just recently done, each volunteer hour is worth almost $25 worth of service that that’s providing that agency. So this with you guys here today, that’s hundreds of dollars worth of service that I don’t have to put into staff. It’s a great thing.”

Kristy, a client of the Tulsa Day Center, describes her situation and what help like this means to her and others like her.

“I moved here from Phoenix and became homeless rather quickly. It offered me shelter. I’d never had been homeless before. And it feeds me, it feeds me good. We have a lot of really good churches that come in here and we get fed every night. We have an awesome clothing room and they offer a lot of services. They’ve got, I’ve got case manager here. She’s one of the best. And they’re working on my housing as we speak, getting on the application tomorrow as a matter of fact. So, looking forward to getting some housing and just real happy that I have somewhere every night, especially out of this rain.

“The volunteers are special. You know we have a lot that come in every week at the different spots in here. And we just really, really love the volunteers.”


September 30, 2019