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Many of the leading healthcare providers and institutions in Oklahoma rely on McAfee & Taft for legal representation. We have served healthcare industry clients for over 50 years, and we maintain the largest and most prestigious health law practice group in Oklahoma.

Because of our knowledge of industry participants and trends, clients often turn to us for strategic planning. We bring a refreshing perspective to our clients and help them to adapt to meet continually changing legal, financial, operational, and regulatory challenges. McAfee & Taft is well positioned to leverage industry experience for the benefit of clients. We have taken the lead on behalf of clients in creating innovative arrangements that meet the goals of all the parties involved when more traditional approaches may not be available.

Terra Parten: One of the great things about McAfee & Taft’s healthcare practice is that we are business lawyers first and foremost. As an example, if a client comes to us with a discreet question, you know, “Can we do XYZ, is that compliant?” A lot of times, the very first thing we’ll do is just to zoom out and say, “Okay, what is the big picture here? What is the business objective? What are you trying to achieve? What is your vision?” Because many times what we find is that, no, you can’t do the first thing you asked about, there’s some sort of legal obstacle to doing that, but there’s actually a better way. And so if we can be part of the team and part of the brainstorming and understand where you’re trying to go long-term, we can help you get there in a way that’s both compliant and perhaps more efficient or provide some other benefit that you hadn’t thought of.

Greg Frogge: I came to McAfee & Taft knowing that they had an excellent reputation for representing healthcare clients. And they had a very good clientele, a very varied clientele. We have a team of healthcare lawyers with really deep expertise in a number of healthcare areas. And one of the other reasons my particular practice fits well with McAfee is that I’m able to walk across the hall and pull in the various other expertise that I need in order to, I think, provide the client the best possible work product that we can provide.

Patricia Rogers: One thing that I love about McAfee & Taft, and really is the reason that I’ve been here for 20, almost 22 years, is the collegial nature of the lawyers. I think that that adds value to our clients and also means we can work efficiently on matters. We’ve worked with each other on many occasions. We know each other, we know who does best in a particular area, we can call upon them and we can resolve the matter quickly. We don’t always have to undergo all the research. We don’t have to staff matters with five or six lawyers, like some of the real big law firms do because we’ve been there. We know what we’re doing and we’ve worked with one another enough that we know who we can call upon to get a matter handled in an efficient why.

Cole Marshall: We will work as efficiently and expeditiously as we possibly can without sacrificing quality to the client. And what that means is, although I’m involved and I’m potentially the architect of the deal and the legal solution, if I can get a younger resource involved that is going to be more cost efficient for the client and get it to the client a little quicker, we’ll do that. That’s why we hire the best and brightest young associates, because we train them. We bring in the best, we train them up to be even better to know exactly what we need to need them to do for our clients. That way, whenever we hand them a piece of the transaction that we think that they’re equipped to handle, they’re ready to go and they can do it. And then that helps all of us deliver the best product to the client and usually the clients are really happy with that solution. So that’s how I would say we provide efficiency and expediency to the client, which is, you know… And, I mean, the bottom line is we’re always gonna try to get the right answer and we’re gonna do it as fast and efficient as we can.

Mike Joseph: A lot of lawyers in the healthcare area typically are very compliance oriented. So when their clients ask them something, the answer is always, “No, you can’t do this. The regulations say this, the statute prohibits that.” Our thought in practice was always, find ways for them to do things, to find solutions for them and to find ways to, not circumvent the law, but to find ways that could be compliant with the law but at the same time help them in accomplishing their goals and their strategies, when the law might impose particular types of restrictions or prohibitions.

Elizabeth Dalton: It’s nice to have the litigators here and work with them and have them reach out and tell us sometimes. Or just when we’re in our practice group and we’re just going around and talking about what we’re working on, to have them say, “Yeah, we’re doing this thing and if only this language had said, this, we’d have a different answer.” Those words matter because when there’s a dispute, that’s what it’s gonna come down to half the time. That those are the kinds of things where working collaboratively with the litigators makes a difference.

Jenny Odom: Something that I learned when I first started here from Mike Joseph and that I’ve taken with me is clients need an answer. They need to know, you know, of course, we’re gonna lay out what the law is and provide an analysis, and these are the risks, these are the benefits possibly for this particular way that you want to go, but at the end of the day, clients need an answer. And I learned that really in-house too, because there may be a director at your door who needs to go back to their clinic and implement the solution right now, and they don’t need, it’s not helpful for them to just have a, you know, maybe this is the answer maybe not, at the end of the day. You know, it is the client’s decision which way that they want to go. But it is important, I think, in our role to give a recommendation of what we think the answer is. And I think McAfee does a really good job of that.

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