At The Podium

Guns at Work: How to Keep Your Employees Safe

Date: November 15, 2013

Event: 18th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium

Venue: Caesars Palace

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

The recent rash of gun violence at workplaces — and, particularly tragically, schools — around the country has left employers in a state of shock, and wondering how best to protect their workers and customers from future assaults. This task has been made even more complicated by the introduction of “guns-at-work” legislation in various states that would permit employees to leave guns in their cars (parked in employer-owned parking lots) during the work day.

Not sure of the best way to keep your workplace safe? Labor and employment lawyer Charlie Plumb reviews the various aspects of this timely issue in a 75-minute session at the 18th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, America’s leading employment law conference. Covered topics include:

  • The details and status of proposed “guns-at-work” legislation around the country
  • Your rights to restrict guns in your workplace, regardless of an employee’s or customer’s legal right to carry a weapon (concealed or otherwise)
  • How to protect your workplace from the potential spill-over of domestic violence
  • Tips for ensuring that terminations don’t turn explosive
  • “Red flags” to watch for that could indicate a possibility of future violence
  • The emergency plan to have in place in the event a gun emergency erupts at your organization

The Advanced Employment Issues Symposium features three days of crucial employment law guidance and lively interaction with the nation’s leading authorities on the best management practices. The event is sponsored by BLR – Business & Legal Resources, the leading information provider helping organizations meet federal and state legal rules and requirements related to employment, safety, and environmental compliance.



Charles S. Plumb