Guns, marijuana don’t mix under fed law

QA with Bob Luttrell

published in The Oklahoman | September 26, 2018

In a business Q&A in The Oklahoman, McAfee & Taft attorney Bob Luttrell reminded prospective medical marijuana licensees that guns and marijuana don’t mix under federal law.

“If you possess a valid patient or commercial medical marijuana license in Oklahoma, your right to possess a firearm or even ammunition is severely restricted under federal law,” said Luttrell.  “Even sellers of guns and ammo are at risk for criminal prosecution if they don’t carefully vet their buyers.”

The reason behind this, he explained, is that marijuana of any kind – medical or recreational – remains illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act, even though it may be legal in some states.  Those directly affected include marijuana users, sellers of firearms and ammunitions, and individuals engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and dispensing of marijuana.

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