At The Podium

Guns or No Guns? Weighing workplace weapons policies

Oklahoma Trucking Association Midwinter Conference
Sam R. Fulkerson
Sam R. Fulkerson
Paul A. Ross
Paul A. Ross

Speaking at the Oklahoma Trucking Association Midwinter Conference, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorneys Sam Fulkerson and Paul Ross discuss workplace violence and employer-instituted weapons policies in their presentation titled “Guns or no Guns? Weighing workplace weapons policies.”

Topics include:

  • Review of common workplace weapons laws around the country
  • The Oklahoma Self Defense Act
  • Employee rights to transport firearms and ammo in Oklahoma
  • Use of deadly force in the workplace
  • Factors favoring a ban on weapons
  • Factors weighing against a ban
  • Making the decision and crafting an appropriate policy
March 3, 2016
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma