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Guns-at-Work Laws: A Legal Obligation and Liability Primer for Employers

Webinar presented by BLR — Business & Legal Resources

Gun-related violence seems to be in headline after headline today — from the major incidents in Tucson and Aurora to, of course, the tragic events in Newtown and most recently, the mass shooting in a Washington, D.C. Navy Yard.

Workplaces are not immune to the dangers of violent assaults. There were 16,910 cases of non-fatal assaults and violent acts in 2011 that caused employees to miss work, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. To minimize the risk of such actions, many employers issue preventative policies that may include a ban on weapons in the workplace.

But what are the legal pitfalls around such actions? There is no current federal law that dictates weapon policy in private workplaces. However, some states have begun what are referred to as guns at work laws, which are designed to protect employees’ Second Amendment rights.

This webinar will provide an overview of the current laws regulating guns at work, examine the trends of where gun regulation is heading, and offer a discussion in the potential legal hazards of trying to strike that fine balance between respecting citizens’ rights while also keeping your workforce safe.

  • The current state of gun laws in the U.S and what’s likely to happen in the future given the current administration’s priority on gun control
  • How guns-at-work laws are written, what they say, and how they apply to your day-to-day operations
  • The logistics of guns-at-work laws, including what kinds of notice must you post, what the fees or penalties are if you fail to comply, and exceptions to the rule
  • What happens when there is a gun-related incident in the workplace?
  • How do you protect yourself from legal liabilities that could arise from OSHA, workers’ compensation, and various tort laws, such as being sued by victims or bystanders for negligent hiring?
  • An in-depth account of how negligence laws apply
  • Best practices for managing guns in the workplace, including how to talk to your employees
December 17, 2013