Happy Retirement, Rena!

Rena Mitchum standing with Scott McCreary at her retirement reception

McAfee & Taft extends its best wishes for a happy retirement filled with family and adventures to Rena Mitchum after nearly 23 years of dedicated service. A special reception attended by colleagues, family and friends was hosted in her honor on Tuesday, December 19th.

For the last 17 years, Rena served as a paralegal clerk for McAfee & Taft’s global aviation group, working tirelessly every day couriering time-sensitive documents between the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aircraft Registry in southwest Oklahoma City and the firm’s downtown Oklahoma City office.

“Rena is the best courier for the FAA aircraft group that we’ve ever had. And to top it off, she’s even a better person,” said long-time FAA paralegal Janet Bennett, whose office is based at the Aircraft Registry. “She took care of our work needs and personal needs, too. If we were having a celebration at the downtown office, she made sure we felt a part by delivering items to join in the partying. She would deliver end-of-quarter pizza to us so timely it would still be hot, even if it meant her lunch would be cold. She delivered prize tickets, supplies, cases of reams of paper, updates of firm benefits, and documents (of course), and all of this usually came with a smile. She kept logs galore so whether items were going out or coming in, you could find exactly who or where that specific item landed for its destination. To say she’ll be missed is an understatement. Her value to this Aircraft Group is going to be felt even more in her absence. It’s hard to replace 17 years of someone continuing to tweak and perfect their position … and then there’s that smile we’ll miss. WE SEE YOU, RENA – and appreciate all you’ve done!”

Attorney Maria Gonzalez described Rena as the heart of the Aviation Group. “We will miss Rena greatly! She is an integral part of our Aviation Group, always making sure everything is taken care of, and always with a smile! We are sad to see her go, but happy for her and her future adventures!”

Chief Human Resources Officer Josh Boren commented that whoever takes over her FAA runner duties will have big shoes to fill. And her colleagues agree.

“Rena’s place here at McAfee & Taft can never truly be filled,” said FAA paralegal Sunni Jackson. “She is an outstanding co-worker and person all together, a true one-of-a-kind lady. Seeing the work provided by her and the dedication to her job over the many years I’ve known her is just remarkable. It is so wonderful to see someone as deserving as Rena retire. We love all that she did, and now it’s time for her to go do all that she loves. We will truly miss OUR Rena!”

Colleague Brandee Hudson agrees. “Rena is such a wonderful person in many ways. She was my first friend here at the firm and really took me under her wing. She’s not only been a welcoming friend to talk and laugh with but has also taken such good care of us here at the FAA and all of the McAfee & Taft Aviation Group. Witnessing her commitment to her career and the firm is nothing short of admirable. It’s exciting to see her reach the next stage of her journey onto an enjoyable retirement filled with family and adventure!”