Happy Retirement, Sharon!

Graphic with text saying 'Happy Retirement, Sharon!'

The firm sends its deepest gratitude and best wishes for a much-deserved and happy retirement to the firm’s current longest-serving staff member, billing clerk Sharon Selby, whose 44-year tenure predates those of all but four of the firm’s active lawyers. A special reception was hosted in her honor at the firm’s Oklahoma City offices on Friday, May 24, 2004.

Sharon joined the firm — then known as McAfee, Taft, Mark, Bond, Rucks & Woodruff — on December 6, 1979, just three months before the firm’s partners would vote to amend their articles of incorporation and shorten the name back to “McAfee & Taft.” The firm boasted a growing roster of 44 lawyers at the time and needed to expand its two-person Accounting department, so one of the firm’s name partners, Reford Bond, hired Sharon for the specific job of entering handwritten time slips. It would be a role that ultimately helped her develop the highly coveted skill of being able to decipher even the scratchiest of handwriting in the years before the firm migrated to electronic time entry.

Throughout her 44-year career, Sharon has worked exclusively in the firm’s Accounting department, providing invaluable assistance to the firm’s attorneys and clients.

“Sharon is one of the mainstays at the firm,” said Chris Coleman, who joined the firm in 1982. “She was there when I started as a law clerk 44 years ago. Always professional, always helpful, always nice, and always working extra-long hours whenever needed. She epitomized McAfee & Taft and will be missed.”

“Since our team came to McAfee in 2011, Sharon has been our go-to person on any and all issues accounting,” said Mary Quinn Cooper. “She is always responsive and efficient, and we can’t imagine doing business without her. With that said, nobody deserves retirement more than Sharon. Our very best for a happy and healthy next chapter!”

Bruce Crum joined McAfee & Taft in 1977 and is one of a handful of attorneys who have worked with Sharon for her entire career.

“Sharon has been invaluable to me for most of those 44 years,” said Crum. “She is one of the best examples of how a law firm like ours cannot really operate without a multitude of experienced, competent, and loyal people in the background supporting each one of us. She would calm me on days that I would get exasperated when lawyers would bill work on a single project to multiple matter numbers, all of which were wrong. She would say, ‘That won’t be a problem’ when I would ask her if we could get a lengthy bill that needed lots of clean-up ready so it could be emailed by the end of the day. And when I needed cash (this is back when we kept some pocket cash in Accounting for the attorneys who ran low), she would tell me where I could find it. But I suppose I should expect no less from somebody whose birthday is December 3rd. We will all miss Sharon, but I bet I will miss her the most.”

Michael Lauderdale, the firm’s managing director, had the pleasure of working with Sharon for 24 years.

“In all of my years with the firm, I never saw Sharon where she didn’t have a smile on her face,” said Lauderdale. “Her work ethic was incredible, and she always had a positive attitude. Sharon never said ‘no’ and always figured out a solution to the firm’s many billing and accounting concerns and issues. McAfee will not be the same without Sharon. She will be sorely missed.”

Among those who have benefitted greatly from her decades of hands-on experience and vast working knowledge are her many colleagues, past and present, from the Accounting department.

“Sharon has been a great mentor,” said Accounting Supervisor Tracy Thornton. “Her wealth of knowledge — not only of the firm, but also her knowledge of billing requirements for the firm’s clients — will definitely be missed. She has always been unwavering when others ask for help. Our entire Billing/Accounting department wish all the best for Sharon in her retirement. May her years ahead be filled with new endeavors and happy adventures.”

Thank you, Sharon, for your 44 years of dedication, professionalism and friendship!