Healthcare Industry Experience Inside and Out: Jenny Odom

What does it take to be a trusted go-to advisor to the healthcare industry? Meaningful experience, a deep understanding of both the unique and everyday challenges inherent to the industry, and the ability to deliver real-time answers to real-time concerns, just to name a few.

That’s why leading healthcare providers and institutions rely on McAfee & Taft for legal representation and business advice.

In this video, healthcare lawyer Jenny Odom discusses how she leverages her prior career experience working as in-house counsel for a regional healthcare provider to better serve McAfee & Taft clients as their outside legal counsel, finding innovative and practical solutions to the challenges they face.



I was in-house counsel at a regional multi-campus health system here in Oklahoma for three years. And as part of that in-house work, getting to see the industry and how a hospital and health system operates from the inside was so interesting, and is so valuable. Now, I think that I’m back on the outside and helping different clients.

Something that I learned is, what I was looking for as in-house counsel, when I was talking with outside counsel is, I needed a trusted person that knew the business that I could reach out to. They would be able to use their expertise to help with really complex questions all the way down to just day-to-day. ‘Cause when you’re in-house, you’ve got just a flow of people coming in. It’s gonna be your operations people, all the way up from the C-suite to your directors, to physicians and patients even coming into your office. So just getting that interaction with people all throughout the whole system and understanding, you know, what different levels need, is really important.

Hospitals and healthcare providers are trying to take care of patients and provide, you know, high quality healthcare and services to patients. And at the end of the day, like that’s what they’re trying to do. So I want to be a go-to trusted advisor that they can come to you with those complicated, complex questions and the day-to-day stuff too, so that they can focus on their business of what they do best in taking care of people.

McAfee does a really good job of sending out timely, helpful information, whether that’s in the webinar or if it’s through those client bulletins, and those are really helpful. As in-house counsel, to go get information, I would rely on the information that’s coming, for example, from McAfee. It’s super helpful to have the, you know, the sure of what you need to know, timely information that’s communicated through like those webinars and client bulletins.

Something that I learned when I first started here, from Mike Joseph and that I’ve taken with me, is the clients need an answer, they need to know, you know, of course, we’re gonna lay out what the law is and provide an analysis, and these are the risks, these are the benefits possibly for this particular way that you want to go. But at the end of the day, clients need an answer. And I learned that really in-house too, because there may be a director at your door who needs to go back to their clinic and implement the solution right now. And they don’t need, it’s not helpful for them to just have a, you know, maybe this is the answer, maybe not.

At the end of the day, you know, it is the client’s decision, which way that they want to go, but it is important, I think, in our role to give a recommendation. That’s what we think the answer is. And I think McAfee does a really good job of that.

Captioning/transcript provided by Rev.