Healthcare Industry Experience Inside and Out: Patricia Rogers

What does it take to be a trusted go-to advisor to the healthcare industry? Meaningful experience, a deep understanding of both the unique and everyday challenges inherent to the industry, and the ability to deliver real-time answers to real-time concerns, just to name a few.

That’s why leading healthcare providers and institutions rely on McAfee & Taft for legal representation and business advice.

Healthcare lawyer Patricia Rogers‘ prior career experience includes management positions with healthcare institutions and served as the administrator for the institutional review board at an academic medical center and an officer in the U.S. Air Force Medical Service Corps. She leverages that experience and expertise to better serve McAfee & Taft clients as their outside legal counsel, finding innovative and practical solutions to the challenges they face.



Patricia Rogers: I primarily practice in the healthcare regulatory space. And what that means is, I advise clients, hospital systems, physician practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and other healthcare providers regarding HIPAA, EMTALA, Medicare payment issues as well as Stark and the federal anti-kickback statute analysis and compliance. We assist those clients with Medicare fraud and abuse issues, government investigations. We help with submitting OIG and Stark self disclosures when those are appropriate.

We also help hospitals with day-to-day issues they may have with patients. Can a patient consent to a certain matter regarding life-sustaining treatment issues? HIPAA matters that come up on a daily basis. I also am brought in on healthcare transactions regarding changes of ownership and filing federal and state permits and licenses, and what might be needed depending on the type of transaction, whether it’s a stock deal, a private equity deal, an asset purchase. We evaluate and advise our clients on those matters, and we can do all the filing for the client, or in some cases, we just advise the client on what’s needed, and then the client takes it from there.

Elizabeth Dalton: Pat Rogers has a Master’s in Health Administration and she worked in hospitals before she went to law school. And she has this sort of institutional understanding of how things work. And she is just great. And she’s just, she is like sort of outside general counsel for a lot of hospitals throughout the state. And she’s just so well-respected. She just does a great job.

Patricia Rogers: Our hospital system clients and individual hospitals and physician practices — if they have in-house counsel call upon us to opine on many different regulatory matters because of the risk of, for example, a sizable refund to the government if they get it wrong or fines and penalties. The in-hospital counsel we deal with are very experienced, but it’s difficult for them to keep up to date on all aspects of regulatory work that impacts a hospital specifically. And so, they call upon us to advise on those matters. And we have the depth and experience at McAfee & Taft to assist clients and bring value to our clients.

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