Healthcare Investigations Luncheon Seminar

Healthcare Investigations:
The truth about how and why it could happen to you

FBI investigations of physician practices and healthcare facilities in Oklahoma are on the rise, and Medicare providers and suppliers — of all sizes — face an increased risk of being targeted. 

Think you know what the government considers a "false claim"?   You may be surprised. 

In this luncheon seminar, we will dispel the common myths about healthcare investigations and tell you:

  • Why even minor mistakes in billing can result in formal investigations and civil and criminal penalties
  • What types of false claims can lead to financial ruin
  • Who is liable for the billing mistakes made at your practice or facility
  • What tactics the FBI and OIG will use to build its case against you
  • How to respond to a subpoena without obstructing justice
  • What your legal rights are during an investigation
  • Why honest, hardworking physicians and healthcare providers and suppliers aren’t immune from investigations
  • Why healthcare investigations are projected to increase and who is at the greatest risk of being investigated

Most importantly, we’ll help you assess your risk areas and tell you what practical steps you can take NOW to lessen your risk of being targeted for a future investigation.

There is no cost to attend this luncheon seminar; however, reservations are required.