At The Podium

Hiring Done Right

McAlester Employer Council
Joshua W. Solberg
Joshua W. Solberg

Hiring is one of the hardest parts of the employment relationship, and the consequences of failing to implement strong employee selection procedures are numerous. They include wasted time and resources on hiring and training the wrong person, ongoing performance and operating problems, a negative impact on co-workers, and a future employment claim. Speaking at the McAlester Employer Council meeting, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorney Josh Solberg provides an overview of the selection tools employers should use during the hiring process. Topics include:

  • What an application should include … and what it shouldn’t
  • Value of job descriptions
  • How to conduct a reference check
  • How to conduct a focused interview that avoids bias
  • The selection process
  • Rules regarding the use of social media in hiring
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements
  • Use of criminal history to evaluate potential employees
  • Compliance with the Oklahoma Standards for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Act
March 8, 2016
Eastern Oklahoma State College
McAlester, Oklahoma