Honoring All Who Served: Veterans Tribute 2023

In Fairmont, Minnesota, a remarkable U.S. Army A-H-1 Cobra gunship helicopter sits atop a pole in the center of the Martin County Veterans Memorial. Its serial number is 66-15327. The last combat mission of Cobra 327 was flown in February of 1971 by one of our own, long-time McAfee & Taft lawyer David Stinson, now retired. How this aircraft got from Vietnam in 1971 to Fairmont, Minnesota in 2023 is a story to be told.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the official end to the Vietnam War, when the last U.S. combat troops left South Vietnam on March 29, 1973.

On this Veterans Day we pay special tribute to our Vietnam veterans. As part of our tribute, McAfee & Taft has produced a special short documentary telling David Stinson’s extraordinary story — “The Last Combat Mission of Cobra 327” — coming soon to McAfee & Taft’s websites and social media channels.

McAfee & Taft attorneys and staff who have served in our armed forces and featured in the tribute video: Terry Barrett, retired attorney; Brian Beatty, attorney; Robert Clougherty, attorney; Bob Dace, attorney; Brad Donnell, attorney; Ted Elam, retired attorney; Terri Factor, paralegal clerk; Gary Fuller, retired attorney; Lloyd Hardin, attorney; John Hermes, retired attorney; Frank Hill, attorney; Larry Huffman, retired attorney; Dudley Hyde, retired attorney; Bob Luttrell, attorney; Dee Replogle, attorney; Mischelle Reynolds, paralegal; Bill Rodgers, retired attorney; Patricia Rogers, attorney; Donna Ross, legal secretary; John Schaefer, attorney; Phil Sears, retired attorney; Jim Sharrock, retired attorney; David Stinson, retired attorney; Annette Torre, legal secretary; and Pete Van Dyke, retired attorney.

Family members serving in our armed forces