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ICYMI: 2018 Employment and Labor Law Update

2018 Corporate Counsel Seminar

Corporate Counsel 2018 Seminar

In his presentation at McAfee & Taft’s 2018 Corporate Counsel Seminar in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, labor and employment attorney Paul Ross revisits a number of workplace topics that made the news in 2018 and continue to have an impact on employers nationwide. Topics include:

  • The perils of instituting “100% healed” policies
  • Confidential settlement agreements and the “Weinstein tax”
  • The DOL’s Wage & Hour Division opinion letters make a comeback
  • The National Labor Relations Board relaxes its stance on employer policies
  • Use of biometric time clocks and employee privacy issues
  • Trends in sexual discrimination litigation
December 6, 2018
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City, OK