Celebrating the Women of McAfee & Taft

International Women's Day, observed annually on March 8th, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This observance began in 1911. It is represented by a purple ribbon, signifying strength, power, loyalty, justice and dignity.

We are proud to honor and celebrate the women of McAfee & Taft — attorneys, professional staff, and those in supporting roles. We recognize their leadership and contributions to the legal profession, to their communities, and to the success of our law firm.

Pictured above are our distinguished women attorneys, listed by their number of years in the legal profession (as well as in  the order of their appearance in the video reel on the right): Betsy Wood, Kathy Neal, Roberta Fields, Elizabeth Dalton, Myrna Latham, Mary Quinn Cooper, Sherry Rozell, Brita Cantrell, Rachel Blue, Susan Shields, Erin Van Laanen, Jennifer Callahan, Vickie Buchanan, Patricia Rogers, Natalie Ramsey, Courtney Bru, Kate Dodoo, Jessica Dickerson, Maria Gonzalez, Jodi Cole, Laura Long, Julia Palmer, Kristin Simpsen, Sasha Beling, Terra Parten, Elizabeth Bowersox, Danae Grace, Judy Burdg, Katie Crane, Valerie Dixon, Paige Good, Melissa Cottle, Anna Wolfe, Kaitlyn Chaney, Jenny Odom, Anna Proctor, Emily Xiao, Genni Ellis, Emma Wilson, Emalie Foster, Jenny Puckett, Allison Harvey, Katelyn King, Amanda Landherr, Alyssa Lankford, Hayley Myers, Logan Blackmore, Elke Meeùs, Haley Nimmo, Jennie Mook, McKenzie Ryan, Alexis Barnes, Hannah Coker, and Katie Crowley Jimenez.

We also celebrate the strong women who keep our Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Springfield offices going strong: Maree Adams, Judy Ames, Dominique Armstrong, Julie Banes, Zarah Barnes, Cara Becker, Renea Belcher, Janet Bennett, Rhonda Bennett, Kerry Brown, Pam Buchanan, Jessica Burns, Adriana Ceballos, Cathy Clay, Erin Clogston, Jessica Coats, Jill Collins, Jenny Comodeca, Kim Cooper-Hulsey, Nicole Coston, Symphony Cox, Robin Croninger, Allyson Crow, Dasha Cruce, Cheryl Culwell, Qaite Cummings, Laura Dabney, Jessica Daugherty, Jessica DeLoera, Anna DeShazo, Lanette Dietz, Karen Donnell, Karen Dutton, Audrey Eades, Marcy Ellington, Terri Factor, Brandy Farley, Jeri Fatheree, Brooke Flesher, Kim Foster, Pam Fries, Cecilia Fuenzalida, Beth Garner, Michelle Gerwitz, Caroline Geurin, Kambree Godwin, Holly Greer, Maria Gutierrez, Mitzi Hammond, Abby Hanson, Trina Harper, Shawn Hester, Glenda Holden, Susie Holland, Holly Holman, Brandee Hudson, Sunni Jackson, Debby Jones, Lisa Jones, Kristin Kaul, Karianne Lent, Sandy Lewis, Amanda Lira, Cindy Longoria, Sandra Marin, Nancy Marshall, Dianna McCaulla, Beth McHale, Cynthia McHale, Lisa McKinzie, Bryana Melton, Shannon Mercer, Josey Middleton, Monica Minjarez, Rena Mitchum, Liz Morse, Jessica Munoz, Jordan Murphy, Alessa O'Dunadhaigh, Hannah O'Keefe, Rina Pearce, Carrie Petty, Yamarie Pigg, Cindy Porter, Amy Poyner, Mischelle Reynolds, Dawn Ritter, Sabrina Ritter, Elena Romero, Donna Ross, Summer Salsman, Ginger Schones, Shelly Searcey, Sharon Selby, Christy Self, Veronica Sloan, Vanessa Spaeth, Linda Steinke, Kristy Stinson, Annette Strother, Tracy Thornton, Annette Torre, Melissa Trent, Dana Von Tungeln, Cambriaun Walker, Lauri Warmack, Katie Whitaker, Megan Wickersham, Jeannie Williams, Lu Ann Williams, Sarah Wilson, Amy Wojtalewicz, Kacie Wright, and Katie Wright.